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Vagina Kung-Fu

EGP- Episode 171: “Vag-Fu”

Vag-Fu – This week we talk about the Home Front: Revolution Closed Beta, a survival PVP game called The Culling. We discuss the big announcement from Daybreak about H1Z1. We are still enjoying patch…

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TC The Division Beta

EGP- Episode 170: “Not Available in Beta…”

Not Available in Beta – This week we mainly talk about our thoughts on The Division Beta Weekend, we still find a little time to talk about some news for H1Z1 and the newest…

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Master Booth

EGP- Episode 169: “Masturbation Booth”

Masturbation Booth – This week we talk about The Division, the upcoming Call of Duty BO3 Awakening DLC, the new Screamer Zombie in H1Z1, we discus if Virtual Reality is the future of gaming,…

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Vodka Butt Shots

EGP- Episode 168: “Vodka Butt Shots”

Vodka Butt Shots – This week we talk about The Division, Oculus Rift, Horny PS Players, H1Z1, New Controller Battery Technology, again Rez rants about the Netflix series – Making a Murderer, and much…

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