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EGP- Episode 198: “Holy Milk?!”

Holy Milk?! – On this week’s show we talk about the new raid in destiny, the COD Beta, name change, and Some Diablo 4 speculations. As usual we have this week’s crazy news…

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EGP- Episode 197: “Spawn of Nonmail”

Spawn of Nonmail – On this week’s show we talk about multiplayer games you can play offline on Xbox One and PS4, Nonmail talks about some Legion crap and of course we are debating…

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EGP- Episode 196: “Bear Spray vs Junk”

Bear Spray vs Junk – On this week’s show we talk about our impressions of the 8 day Battlefield 1 Beta test, Nonmail talks about Warcraft: Legion, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and even…

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Toe Tag

EGP- Episode 195: “Titan Fall of Duty”

Titan Fall of Duty – On this week’s show we talk about both of the weekend Pre Alpha Tech Tests for Titan Fall 2, the refund frenzy of No Man’s Sky, Nonmail is playing…

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Ungnome and the Wife

EGP- Episode 194: “Solo Ungnome”

Solo Ungnome – this week the guys took an episode off and let Ungnome standing there in all his glory. Don’t forget the Loot Crate giveaway this month, Retweet any or all of the…

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Suicide Squad Poster

EGP- Episode 193: “Suicide Squad Review”

Suicide Squad Review – On this week’s show we talk about Our recent play time in Titanfall and the upcoming release of Titanfall 2, We talk about some WoW and some Call of Duty…

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The Killing Joke

EGP- Episode 192: “The Killing Joke”

The Killing Joke – We have a longer than normal show this week. We talk some more about Black Ops 3 and Rocket League, We talk about the opening of Season 7 for Diablo…

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Turkey Banga

EGP- Episode 191: “Wez is the Best”

Wez is the Best – This week on the show we talk our exploits in Rocket League, Cortana comes to Xbone, EA is making efforts to get ahead of server issue at Titan Fall…

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Yard Trash

EGP- Episode 190: “Yard Trash”

Yard Trash – Still in a gaming hole, but there is a little light at the end of the tunnel. We talk Rocket League, Valve puts their foot down, a special event in Hearthstone,…

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EGP- Episode 189: “Smoking Noodles”

Smoking Noodles – This week we are in a gaming hole, not much out there to play. We talk about the 35 most anticipated games of 2016/2017, the new NES system, yet another complaint…

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