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EGP- Episode 187: “Flashback: Episode 52”

This show was recorded back in June of 2013. This was the first time Nonmail was on the show after shutting down his solo podcast. Good Times, Enjoy!!!

Nonmail and his Nutz This week…

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EGP-Episode 186: “Sloppy Joe”

Sloppy Joe – We talk about all that we found interesting to cover from E3 2016, competitive Overwatch news, and the PTR goes live for Diablo 3 2.4.2. As usual we have this week’s…

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Pearl Necklace

EGP- Episode 185: “Pearl Necklaces of Wisdom”

Pearl Necklaces of Wisdom – We talk about Overwatch, Blizzard brings back “Play your Way Thursday” to D3, another producers note from H1Z1 announcing changes, and the Warcraft Movie. As usual we have this…

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Simple Simon

EGP- Episode 184: “Drawn to Death”

Drawn to Death – We announce the winner of the May Loot Crate Give-away. We talk about our impressions of Overwatch, Both of us are still playing a lot of D# season 6, Nonmail…

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EGP- Episode 183: “Bite Me Overwatch”

Bite Me Overwatch – We are back after our week off with plenty to cover. We talk about the newest update for The Division, the release times for Overwatch, We talk a little about…

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Cheeseburger Storage

EGP- Episode 182: “Cheeseburger Storage”

Cheeseburger Storage – The week we talk more about our first 2 weeks in D3 Season 6, we discuss our opinions about the new Call of Duty and Battlefield 1 announcements. Doom gets a…

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Belly Button Brew

EGP- Episode 181: “Belly Button Beer”

Belly Button Beer – The week we announce the winner of the April Loot Crate give-a-way, we talk about our first days in Diablo 3: Season 6, some official news about The Division exploiting…

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Welcome to Cleveland

EGP- Episode 180: “Welcome to Cleveland”

Welcome to Cleveland – This week we talk about two more betas, Mirror’s Edge and Paladins. We touch on quite a few game titles that will be coming out or that have been out…

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Beta Weekend

EGP- Episode 179: “Three Beta Weekend”

Three Beta Weekend  –  This week we talk about how awesome H1Z1 is and how horrible the Division has executed this first month and a half after launch. We also had a chance to…

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Quantum Broke

EGP- Episode 178: “Quantum Broke”

Quantum Broke  –  This week we talk about 7 Days to Die getting moved to console after 2 years in Early Access on Steam, The Divisions 4/12 update, Sever wipes incoming for H1Z1, Rez…

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