EGP- Episode 39: “Jesus Christ is my NAGA?!”

Jesus Christ is my Naga?! This week Cold and Rez record sick so if the show sucks we are going with that as our excuse… Cold sounded like he lost a lung and Rez had a fever of 102 by the end of the show. We manage to cover some newly released patch notes, Blizzcon, and random World of Warcraft musings. We share a very special song this week from a Pastor that up lifted our spirits a bit. The show is wrapped up with another sick episode of the Electronic Education spun by our very own Cold, this week we have a Psy Trance mix for you to space out to. Sit back and Enjoy.

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  • Nonmail, for the “Nonmails Nutz” segment.
  • Sayo, for the “Warcraft Pet Cemetery” segment.
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Electronic Education:

Track Title(s) from this week’s session:

  • Ace Ventura – “Presence” (Interactive Noise Remix)
  • Ainur – “7th Spirit”
  • Symbolic & Vertical Mode – “Time Traveller”
  • Molok, Nerso, & Lyctum – “None of This Is Real”
  • Osher – “Beatiful Disaster”
  • Coming Soon – “I Only Smoke”
  • Circuit Breakers – “High Roller”

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